We are EXCITED to announce the opening of our first Shared Kitchen.  With the rise in food entrepreneurs these past years, the pandemic has given birth to hundreds of home cooks, chefs, caterers etc. that are preparing foods for the consumer from their home, garage or some unlicensed outfit which is a violation of the City of Chicago Food Code. 

R City Kitchen will not be just my kitchen but “Our” kitchen, aiding you in the creation of your legacy as a food enthusiast.  It will give you the space and platform to birth your dream.  Whether you’re in need of a test kitchen, catering a wedding or baking pastries for pop-up events, R City Kitchen is ready to help you deliver.  

Also, we’ll be providing informational assistance for business insurance, business license and needed City of Chicago documents to help you successfully grow your business.  Let us help you build your Legacy.  We are more than just a kitchen!!!